Tonight we welcomed Danielle Desjarden-Koloff with a passionate and dynamic presentation of cultural diversity at Catholic Central High School. 
Principal Danielle reviewed the school’s rich history and outlined the various programs available to the students.  In 2015, 35% of the student body was newcomers.  Today 69% are newcomers; many from the Middle East and Africa.  Catholic Central has the highest concentration of newcomers in all of Ontario and is a microcosm of many religions.  Students are able to meet with those from other religions, something which could not happen in their own countries.  Danielle called our attention to the various programs that have been established at the school, many of which are providing hands-on opportunities for the students.  A Basketball Sports Academy, as well as a soccer one, has been established at Central Park Athletics; a program to grow fruits and vegetables and to prepare nutritious meals means that no student goes hungry; special guided classes in ESL and math have been instituted to provide more focused learning.  A Citizenship Ceremony is held each year at the school.  An Electric Academy has been established with an apprenticeship program and indigenous studies are a requirement in grade 11.  Catholic Central High School through Danielle’s efforts and enthusiasm certainly deserves our highest praise.
Tonight’s “Vocation at Your Service” featured Francesco Biondo.  Francesco is employed at Plasman (we will hear more about the company at next week’s meeting) and is involved with teaching and research in the automation sector.  His goal is to make the automation more “user friendly”. 
Clinton Beckford shared information on Joshua, a little boy in Tanzania who required immediate medical care for his severely infected feet.  Through Clinton’s efforts over $1,000 was collected from both Rotarians and non-Rotarians for Joshua’s care.