This week's meeting was focused on service to our local community. Here are current and upcoming opportunities for service above self:
  1. Anna Galka mentioned an opportunity to support her daughter’s project to raise funds for the United Way.  Donate at this Go Fund Me Page.  Participate in the trivia contest here
  2. Suzanne Grouette presented her fundraising efforts to give a Christmas to three first nations families.  E-transfer to (Can-Am in the message, Rotary the security answer), drop money off to the office, or donate the needed items at the office.
  3. Janet Kelly told the history of Socks and Bottoms. Donation items can be dropped off at the UHaul at Walker and Seminole, or contact Janet.
  4. Rick Caron asked for people who are interested in working at Gleaners on either Dec 1 or Dec 8 from 6 – 8 PM to contact him.
  5. Allan Kidd joined us to ask for volunteers to help out in the planning of and preparation for Art in the Park. Contact Allan for more information.
Past President Gerry Pocock joined us to ask for volunteers for the Salvation Army Kettle Drive on Saturdays between now and Christmas. We were able to fill the remaining 29 open slots!
The Satellite Club also formalized our practice of considering the following meetings of the host club to be the Satellite meeting for that week. The motion was made by Rick Caron, 2nd by Suzanne Grouette, and passed unanimously.
  1. The inaugural meeting of the incoming club president
  2. The Remembrance Day meeting
  3. The Christmas Celebration
  4. The Valentine’s Day Youth Exchange Auction
  5. The Annual General Meetings of the Club and the Foundation
  6. The “Swan Song” of the outgoing club president.
Finally, the Rot'ryshack Golf Outing raised approximately $2500 for the Rotary 1918 Foundation and $2500 for our club. Rick made a motion to donate $2000 to the WERA project, Bev Cyr 2nd, and the motion was carried.
Next meeting:  Tuesday November 30, 7pm
                       Club Business