PDG Rick Caron presented to the Rotary Club of Windsor (1918) Monday to discuss the importance and the impact of the foundation fund! These funds are used in active projects worldwide in 6 areas of focus.

Rick shared this quote with usm "The success of the Rotary Foundation is the foundation of Rotary success."

The current 6 areas of focus of the Foundation Fund include:

  • Peace and conflict prevention/resolution.
  • Disease prevention and treatment.
  • Water and sanitation.
  • Maternal and child health.
  • Basic education and literacy.
  • Economic and community development.

These areas of focus have also supported the environment. However, in July 2021, the environment will become the 7th area of focus.

This is important because grant money only supports projects that align with one area of focus. Furthermore, the project needs to be sustainable and fulfill the community's needs based on a needs assessment. 

The Rotary Club of Windsor projects has contributed to between 50-70 wells in Ghana and countless other projects around the world. We have received 23 district community grants since 2019 valued at over 1 million dollars. To continue to do complete life-changing projects we need the club's support to have funds matched by both the district and Rotary International.

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